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Related article: Date: Tue, 16 Oct 2007 23:46:51 -0400 From: Subject: fall break 8The following is a sexually explicit story involving two women. If you are under the age of 18, or this material may offend you, I ask that you please discontinue reading now. The Author retains all rights to and title to her submitted works. Any attempts to recopy or repost these words must have granted permission by the author. Please feel free to send any comments to this email: . Terry woke the next morning to the sound of a watch alarm beeping in her face. Jess's arm was wrapped around her chest and tucked snugly under her cheek. Terry smiled at how warm and comfortable Jess's palm felt against the side of her face. She lay there in Jess's t-shirt and a pair of panties with Jess spooning her tightly. She reached up and turned the alarm off on her girlfriend's obnoxious watch. She rolled over in place to face Jess who was sleeping in nothing but a pair of thin boxers. Terry snuggled in closer and wrapped a silky leg around Jess's waist. Jess felt every inch of contact, grunted half-consciously, but still didn't open her eyes. Terry was content watching her sleep for a bit. The normally piercing, ice blue eyes were closed and seemed so different this way. Terry never could get use to the intensity of those eyes and the way they studied her often. They could send a shiver down her spine at any non nude preteen lolitas glance and most of the time she couldn't see past them to what lay underneath. That scared her most of the time, but she was beginning to see them lighten gradually as time passed. She could tell from the start Jess had some kind of wall put up behind them so that no one could see inside. She was determined to get past that and see everything that those guarding eyes hid. She lay there studying the lines on Jess's face and her strong jaw line as she slept. When those piercing blue eyes opened and blinked a few times, Terry couldn't help but smile at them."Good morning, sexy." Terry whispered. Jess grunted what sounded like a "good morning" and rolled face down on the pillows. Terry, laughing under her breath, rolled on top of her girlfriend's bare back with her chest pressing hard into Jess. Jess could feel Terry's breasts pressing into her and her pelvis against her ass. Feeling Terry's nipples harden through the thin shirt, Jess was instantly awake and hot as hell. Terry nude preteen loli pics had to know by now just how hot that made her to lay on top of her back like that. Jess lay there like it wasn't effecting her, but gave up when Terry started kissing the back of her neck and shoulders. She groaned in the pillow, and turned her face to the side Terry was kissing. Terry bit down lightly on the back of Jess's shoulder causing Jess to bury her face in the pillow and stifle a very loud groan. Grinning, Terry sat up long enough to take off her t shirt. She laid back down this time skin to skin, and kept kissing Jess this way. Terry raised her weight up off of her girlfriend allowing Jess to roll onto her back. When Terry lowered her weight back onto Jess, she felt two strong warm arms embrace her tightly pulling her chest to chest and closer to a mouth she'd never wanted to taste as much as right now since they'd met. That irresistible grin beamed at her now so full of love and passion. Heat spread straight to her pelvis and pooled between her thighs as Jess leaned into her kiss and flicked the very end of her tongue across Terry's bottom lip. With Jess in young lolita sex sites her tight little boxers and Terry in nothing but a pair of thin cotton panties, they were feeling just how warm it was getting under those covers. Jess could feel the moisture growing not only between her legs but also between her and Terry's bodies as lolita naked top 100 they held each other tight. Terry, busy devouring Jess's mouth, was caught completely off guard when Jess raised lolitas board ls planet her knee to a bent position causing it to press firmly against the crotch of Terry's soaked panties. Terry gasped and shot her girlfriend a look. Jess smiled innocently and pushed Terry's hips downward pressing her even harder against her raised thigh. Terry's lolita girls pic galleries hips involuntarily dipped low onto Jess's outstretched leg and began to find a slow rhythmic undulation as they kissed. Soaking Jess's thigh, Terry found her self-control leaving her quickly so she reluctantly tore her mouth away."Ungh, baby... I want to taste you so bad right now." She whispered right next to Jess's ear, her lips barely brushing against it. Jess shivered at the hypersensitivity it gave her. She glanced at the clock, still had two hours before class, and couldn't think of a better way to start the day.When she felt Terry's hand sliding down her abdomen, she knew exactly where it was going. She opened her thighs a little wider, Terry lying between them already. Terry managed to snake her hand deftly between them and under the waistband of Jess's shorts. By this time, they're both sweaty and hot. Terry's fingers feel amazing on her wet, sensitive skin, and Jess can't help but moan and fall back onto the pillows as they gently circle and massage her aching clit. Terry can feel how swollen Jess is and knows she's already close from the throbbing under her fingers. Sliding one finger up and down her slit spreading the sticky wetness onto her entire finger, Terry carefully slides it into Jess's tight entrance. Jess groans and mechanically holds onto Terry's wrist guiding her at first. Terry pumps slowly and kisses her way down Jess's tight body, her neck, clavicle, over her firm breasts, and down her rippled stomach. She slides Jess's boxers down her thighs taking them off, and kisses just over Jess's femoral artery in the bend of her pelvis. Terry slides her finger inside Jess once again. Nice and deep. Jess methodically pumps her hips to meet Terry's finger stroke for stroke."Baby, that feels amazing." Jess lets her know, her voice hoarse and just above a whisper.Terry keeps going downward with her kisses until she is just over her destination. She softly spreads her tongue flat against Jess and licks her from bottom to top and folds her tongue to a more firmer shape as she nears Jess's throbbing clit. After a few lazy strokes with her tongue, she flicks it with a little more pressure over her clit. Jess's hips jerk slightly and new moans pervade the room. Terry is moaning too at the sound of Jess's voice like this."Mmmm, Jess, you taste so good, you know that?" Jess groans urging her to put her mouth back onto her. Terry continues to lick up and down but with slightly more pressure. She can tell Jess is right on the edge and just needs a little more pressure to come. Latching her mouth down over Jess, Terry sucks and licks causing Jess to moan and writhe uncontrollably. It isn't long before she feels Jess's body tighten under her. She comes almost immediately. Terry holds her hips steady until she can regain her composure. Kissing her way back to Jess's mouth, she stops over her girlfriend's chest and kisses gently. She can feel Jess's heart pounding against her lips. She trails light kisses up Jess's neck, over her earlobe, and across her jaw line straight to her mouth. Jess met Terry's lips with enough passion to get this whole thing started again, but they both knew neither of them had the time to spare before class."Baby, we have to get up..." Terry was sad to admit.Jess glanced back at the clock. Terry stole a quick kiss from Jess's neck as she turned her head.Jess groaned and wrapped her arms tightly around Terry. She looked at her girlfriend with that dark, tousled hair, she was lying on her side propped on her elbow. Her lips were red and puffy from their kissing. A grin tugged at the corners of her mouth. Her breasts were right there almost at eye level for Jess, and begging to be kissed. A million thoughts were running through Jess's head, but she couldn't focus on a one of them. All she could see was this woman beside her with the sexiest body and most attractive smile she'd ever seen. Jess raised herself up onto her elbows, her mouth now fashion model torrent lolita inches from Terry, who was watching Jess's mouth and licking her own lips. Jess smiled at her girlfriend, kissed her one last time lightly on the lips and reluctantly got fashion model torrent lolita up to take a shower before class. Terry watched as her girlfriend strode toward the bathroom completely nude. Her thighs were solid muscle from running, her ass was tight, and her back was chiseled over her shoulders. She waited a few minutes for Jess to start the water, and then went to join her.After their shower, they had about thirty minutes to kill before they had to leave for class. Jess got dressed and headed for the kitchen to find breakfast. She sat at the kitchen table with a bowl of cereal and waited for Terry. It wasn't a few more minutes before Terry came into the kitchen in a pair of Jess's basketball shorts, and a hooded sweatshirt. She casually stole the bowl of cereal her girlfriend was eating, hopped up on the kitchen counter and took a bite while Jess stared in disbelief."Oh no you did not just steal my breakfast like that!""Mhmmm, and I intend to eat it right in front of you, too." Terry smiled devilishly.Jess stood up, walked to the counter and stopped between Terry's thighs. She ran her hands up the sides of Terry's shorts pushing them up her legs, and looked at her for a second. Unexpectedly, she drew her hand back and slapped Terry hard on the outside of her thigh. Her hand stung so she knew it hurt. Terry screamed and sat the bowl down so she could rub her leg. Jess just grinned and took her breakfast back."That'll teach your little ass to take my breakfast.""Terry sat and pretended to pout."Jess was laughing hysterically as she walked back to her bedroom to get her books for class.They walked to class together, their first class was in the same building. Jess's was a lecture; She slept through most of it. Terry had a lecture too. She scribbled a few notes down then glanced down at her thigh where Jess slapped it earlier. She decided to text her girlfriend and let her know just how abusive she thought she was."You abused me...I have a bruise." She sent it to Jess's phone and grinned.Jess, who was almost asleep in her chair, jumped when she felt her phone vibrate in her pocket. The girl sitting next to her giggled and shot a flirty smile her way. Jess blushed and smiled back before she slumped in her chair and read Terry's message. She replied,"Whatever, you deserved it... Can I kiss it and make it better?"A few minutes later she got, "Are we still talking about my leg?..."She grinned and texted back, "Meet me for lunch at Ray's??""It's a date"Jess dosed off once again, content, and thinking of how much Terry had changed her life in such a short period of time. She sat through two more classes, taking a few notes to occupy herself, then walked the short distance over to Ray's, a small café on the corner of campus. Not many people know about it. It's right beside the lake on the agricultural extension young lolita sex sites of campus. She ordered her usual turkey wrap and sweet tea, and headed outside to the patio. As soon as she sat down, nude young lolitas videos her back to the door, she felt hands reaching around to cup her eyes, "Guess who?""I dunno? Do I get a kiss if I get it right?""You bet?""Hmmm, Demi Moore?""Ha Ha you wish, smartass." Terry kisses Jess on the cheek and sits down in the chair beside her. They both prop their feet on the fence in front of them and watch the ducks on the pond."How was class" Jess asked Terry as she took a bite of her wrap."Ugh, don't talk while you chew your food. Didn't your mama teach you anything?"Jess laughed. "Well she tried."Terry shook her head. "You better be glad your cute."Jess smiled at Terry that charming little grin with one dimple."To answer your question, class was boring as hell. I did nothing. What about you?""Oh mine were great. I got so much work done.""You slept didn't you.""Yep." Jess admitted."I knew it." Terry picked out what was left of her bread, the edges of the sandwich, wadded her paper into a ball and tossed it at the garbage can. lolita naked top 100 Jess made fun of her when she missed."Now, watch how a pro does it." Jess wadded hers into a ball, tossed hers, and missed it worse than Terry. They both had a good laugh, picked up their trash and walked down toward the edge of the lake. Terry had her crumbs in hand." Awww isn't my girlfriend cute. She likes to feed the ducks." Jess teased and wrapped her arms around Terry walking behind her in sync with her steps."You leave me alone... they're hungry."Jess laughed again, and commented on how Terry tore off the edges of her bread. "I don't think I've done that since I was five.""Shut up! I don't like the brown tastes bad." Terry argued."Oh it tastes the same, who told you that?"" I know it doesn't taste the same. You're picking on me today.""Awww, I'm sorry." She kisses Terry's neck lightly and let's her go so she can toss her bread to the ducks. The ducks, anticipating a free meal, waddle hurriedly toward her. She screams and runs behind Jess. She frantically jumps up and Jess has to catch her. Holding Terry with both arms, she's yelling over Terry who's still screaming, for her to throw the rest of the bread. She does and the ducks follow the bread leaving Jess and Terry alone. Jess nearly drops her girlfriend she's laughing so hard and eventually does collapse, Terry landing on top of her in hysterics as well. They lay there like that for a few moments just listening to the wind. Jess's phone vibrates in her pocket again. litle lolitas sexy photo She squirms her hand under Terry and gets it out."Dammit, it's work already.""What do they want?"Jess, disregarding Terry's question, flipped open her cell and answered. She said a few ok's and few alright's and then shut her phone again."Well, looks like my ass is goin back to work early.""oh, that's not fair, you took the time off, why do you have to go back early?""well, they need me and its just the four of us now. I don't mind really. I kinda miss it anyway.""what time?"Jess glanced at her watch. "After my last class.""ok, well I have some stuff I need to do anyway." Terry brushed a leaf from her thigh."What are you saying? You cant do it with me around?""That's exactly what I'm saying." She kisses Jess lightly on the lips and gets to her feet. They get their bags from the table and head back to the hustle and bustle of the huge campus. Parting ways with a light squeeze of the hand, they each head off to their class."I'll call you on my way to work okay?""sounds good, have fun babe, see you tonight." Any and all comments are appreciated. Let me know what you think...
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